JEDA MMA is an environmentally-friendly Methyl-MethAcrylate (MMA) pavement protection and enhancement system for both flexible and rigid pavements with anti-skid and anti-slip properties.

The product meets all stringent requirements for colored coatings specified by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for skid resistance, adhesion to substrates (including galvanized steel), UV resistance, taber abrasion, and resistance to corrosion.

JEDA’s Anti-Skid & Anti-Slip MMA is available in a variety of standard colors. The coating can be applied as a single color (e.g. for handicap parking lots), and as a two-color stenciled coating (e.g. for decorative pavements and demarcation).

MMA is especially suited for metallic surfaces that requires Anti-Slip properties, such as metallic staircases, metal grating covers, dock levellers for containers. This is especially so, because in the market, there are currently no anti-slip coating that can effectively bond with metallic surface, save JEDA’s MMA anti-slip coating system.

MMA is also an ideal anti-slip material for factory floorings, since it has very strong inherent resistance to all kinds of chemicals (it will not react with most, if not all, kinds of chemical spills on its surface).

Recommended Uses:

+ Outdoor Decorative Pavements (Stenciled)

+ Condominium/House/Building entrances/exits (as replacement for tiles or stone pavers)

+ Pedestrian walkways/footpaths and stenciled footpaths

+ Cycling lanes

+ External Wet Floor Tile Surface

+ External Wet Floor Stone Surface

+ Car Park Wet Floor / Ramp Area

+ Factory flooring

+ Demarcation Zones

+ Metal Surface Anti Skid Coating

+ Staircase Non Slip Coating

+ Barricade Metal Surface Anti Skid Coating

+ Dock Levelers

Key Features

+ Anti-Slip

+ Anti-Skid

+ Strong resistance to UV (color won’t change)

+ Quick-curing: cures under 1 hour day/night

+ Strong adhesion to asphalt, concrete, tiles & metal

+ Strong resistance to chemicals, fuels and oils

+ Variety of colors and stencils

+ 5-year warranty


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Anti Skid Coat?

Anti Skid Coat from JEDA is a dual system polymer, designed for application on outdoor concrete surface, asphalt surface, metal surface, tile and stone surface, which provides excellent anti skid properties, along with resistance to weathering and superb colour fastness ( Special designed strong resistant to Equatorial UV rays).

How do you use anti skid coating?

For outdoor areas such as pedestrian pathway, car park ramps, vehicle pathways, and any other slippery surfaces, JEDA’s Anti Skid MMA coating system can be deployed to rectify, and beautify the problematic areas. For indoor areas with either marble or tile finishing, JEDA’s  Anti-Skid micron corrosion spray can be applied.

How do you stop tiles from being slippery?

Outdoor tile surface is extremely slippery specially during rainy days. We treat tile surface and and apply our anti-slip MMA Coating on top of tile surface. We give warranty minimum five (5) years for our anti-slip MMA Coating on wet surfaces.