Products FAQ’s

Waterproofing Remediation

Can you fix a leaking basement from the inside?

Yes, since all waterproofing repair jobs for basement concrete surfaces must be performed from the inside. Our method utilises pressure grout.

How much does it cost to fix a leaking basement?

It depends on the thickness of the basement concrete as well as the size of the leaking area. Based on a concrete basement floor with a thickness of 600mm, we charge on a 1m x 1m size area basis. However, we are open to a per point charging basis if this is preferred. Please contact our office using the form on the right for further enquiries.

Can you waterproof an old basement?

Yes, we are capable of performing waterproofing repair works for old basement structures. In fact, we warmly welcome cases of repeated failures for waterproofing repair works. JEDA BGEL™ offers a 10-year Quality and Durability Warranty.

Anti-Slip MMA Coating

What is Anti Skid Coat?

Anti Skid Coat from JEDA is a dual system polymer, designed for application on outdoor concrete surface, asphalt surface, metal surface, tile and stone surface, which provides excellent anti skid properties, along with resistance to weathering and superb colour fastness ( Special designed strong resistant to Equatorial UV rays).

How do you use anti skid coating?

For outdoor areas such as pedestrian pathway, car park ramps, vehicle pathways, and any other slippery surfaces, JEDA’s Anti Skid MMA coating system can be deployed to rectify, and beautify the problematic areas. For indoor areas with either marble or tile finishing, JEDA’s Anti-Skid micron corrosion spray can be applied.

How do you stop tiles from being slippery?

Outdoor tile surface is extremely slippery specially during rainy days. We treat tile surface and and apply our anti-slip MMA Coating on top of tile surface. We give warranty minimum five (5) years for our anti-slip MMA Coating on wet surfaces.