Waterproofing Remediation

Professional advice from Mr Park and a job well done by JEDA Pte Ltd. Despite having tried grouting services from other companies, the previous contractors failed to stop the leakage in our basement carpark. Thankfully, JEDA’s waterproofing grouting work successfully stopped the leakage.

Makena Management

The Makena Condominium Management, Singapore (MCST 2428)

Despite the serious basement leakage in our MRT station, JEDA’s waterproofing job done 2 years ago has successfully sealed all water leakage permanently. I recommend JEDA’s material and method.

Mr Frank, Construction Manager

MRT Project, Anonymous Contractor

Under JEDA’s guidance and grouting technology, we successfully stopped all leaks in our basement car park floor, lift pit and communal swimming pool. The company managed to fix a problem that has persisted for over 8 years – thank you!

87 Wilkie Management

87 Wilkie Condominium Management, Singapore (MCST)

Anti-slip MMA Coating

JEDA’s anti-slip MMA coating demonstrated excellent quality. The management also possessed excellent site planning and control, kept high transparency on the progress of work and demonstrated excellent housekeeping skills. The contractor was also highly responsive to our instructions. Overall, an excellent job well done.

Anonymous Contractor

JEDA’s outdoor anti-slip MMA stencil work in Sentosa Cove has demonstrated durability despite Singapore’s hot and humid weather, with its beautiful stencil designs lasting for 4 years with zero defects. We are proud to have engaged JEDA for many of our condominium entrance coat jobs.

Sentosa Cove

We used JEDA’s MMA coating on a cycling track and the condition is still good even after two years. 

Park Maintenance Contractor

Mr Jayson

We are very happy with JEDA’s anti-slip MMA coat work on our metal drain covers, which used to be a big walking hazard to the elderly in our neighborhood.

Anonymous Condominium

Anonymous Condominium Management