Waterproofing Remediation Service

JEDA BGEL grouting solution was developed with the specialised focus on basement concrete structures in mind, with cutting-edge waterproofing technology aimed at delivering high quality and durable results. 


Given the common practice of constructing underground structures (i.e., basement car parks) in the land-scarce Singapore market, proper waterproofing is critical towards the successful maintenance of basement structures. 


While waterproofing repair work for underground structures is commonplace among contractors, JEDA possess the fine technical skills to perform the same work seamlessly from the external building facade, preventing water seepage before it penetrates the internal concrete structure. Prevention of water seepage within the concrete structure is imperative, lest reinforced steel bars holding the structure together begins to rust, which can seriously compromise the lifespan of the built structure and hence, the safety of all occupants. 


Waterproofing could be the critical key towards the long-term durability of your building. JEDA BGEL’s grouting solution bears the consumer’s best interests in mind, with the trained personnel and materials to execute this vision. 

These results can be achieved within the following parameters: 


  1. Basement waterproofing work must be performed from the internal structure:This is a crucial step since it will be impossible to re-seal water from the outside once the underground structural work is complete (especially when external structures are covered by surrounding soil, water etc.). Grouting JEDA BGELs waterproofing solution from the inside-out offers a viable means of sealing water seepage from within the concrete structure.


  1. Applying the pressure grout method for all basement structural and foundation leak repair jobsThe pressure grout method offers the optimal solution for structural basement leak repair in order to effectively seal water off at its point of leakage.


  1. JEDA BGEL’s Quality and Durability assuranceJEDA BGEL’s leak work has a proven track record of strength and durability in spite of the dangerous and often short-lived lifespan of other basement leak repair work solutions on the market.


  1. JEDA BGEL™’s 10-year warranty assuranceBearing in mind the cyclical need for maintenance or upgrading works on past leak jobs, JEDA welcomes any requests for post-work servicing at your convenience. Our waterproofing expertise has proven time and again to repair the “impossible,” with many clients facing failed jobs by other contractors leaving satisfied with our services.


How to stop basement leaks permanently

Regarding  to  basement  water  leak  remediation  work,  we can classify  as follows ; -

  1. After completion of underground structure ( ie, tunnel, tunnel  shaft, structure foundation, d-wall, bored pile foundation, etc. )   some  structure  doing  external waterproofing  mainly  using  waterproofing  membrane  sheet  and  some  structure  not doing  external  waterproofing.  Even  underground  structure  floor  and  wall  concrete  thickness  thick enough ( 2~4m thick),  time  passes  still  water  start  leaking  and  those  water  leaking  shall  effect  reinforcement  steel  bar  corrosion  and  no matter  how  it  results  bad  effecting  of  concrete  structure.   So,  best  prevention  for  those  bad  effecting,  we must  stop  leaking  water  from  outside  structure to inside  concrete.


  1. Already completed basement structure leak remediation work key  word  is  how  to  stop water  from  outside concrete structure even before outside waterproofing  work  done  or  because  of  thick  mass  concrete  structure  not done  waterproofing . Many a case  people  try to prepare inside structure prepare water  leading  to  newly  prepared  trench  and  collect  water one sumpit  and  pumping  outside  structure  which  is  worst  for  damage  underground structure  because  of  damage(rust)  reinforce  steel  bar.   This  method  can consider  one  of  the  way  clear  out  inside structure water but  cannot say  best and recommendable  method  for  underground structure waterproofing  remediation  method.


  1. Underground structure waterproofing remediation  work  principle. These underground structure waterproofing  remediation  work  principle  must  consider  priority  is  water  seepage  must  stop  before  water  start  step  inside  build  structure  or  tunnel  shaft  or  foundation.   Otherwise  water already  step  inside  consider waterproofing  work  failed. Practically  already penetrate water inside structure especially  reinforced  concrete structure  need  great  consideration of  existing structure  safety and strength. Base on experience,  only  way  to save structure is  totally seal water inside reinforced  concrete  structure  itself  if  not  demolish existing  concrete  structure and  re construct and  doing  waterproofing  again.  And  total water seal position should  be  more near concrete structure outer surface where touch with outside soil/rock surface  and  further outside  structural  reinforcement  steel  bar  starting.  ( Normally  Civil structure reinforcement  steel  bar  concrete  cover  is  70 ~150mm ). Once can manage these water  leak seal at  outer  surface from underground structure,  that way can say  proper  waterproofing  remediation  work  performed.


  1. Underground structure waterproofing remediation  work  type 1. Best  Underground structure waterproofing repair  work (type 1) is fill  waterproofing  material (can be liquid type) between outside soil/sand/rock and underground structure concrete surface.   This type of  waterproofing repair work can be use for  tunnel, tunnel  shaft and  building  foundation,  D-wall and building lift pit foundation. As this method is seal whole underground structure,  can  be  best  method  but  repair  cost  can  be  very  high. Construction method  can be a  few  way but  most affectable  is using  big soil coring machine install on outside structure ground floor and  grout from  ground  surface. This  method  suitable  when leak is mass volume  and  big  area.


  1. Underground structure waterproofing remediation work type 2. This  Type 2  structure waterproofing remediation work  is  same location  grouting  and  same  type  of  waterproofing.   Only  different  is  type  1 coring and grouting  doing  outside underground structure  ground floor  using  big soil coring machine but type 2  coring inside structure using electric hand coring machine core concrete structure punch  through  and  grout  inside structure.   When leak area is not so big but  area  range  is  wide  using  this  method.   But  compare type 1  effect  is  less  and  success  percentage can  be  lower.   As  have  to  pumping waterproofing  material  also  mass,  cost  can  be  quite  high.


  1. Underground structure waterproofing remediation work type 3. Type 3  method  is  quite  common method  for  underground structure waterproofing  repair (remediation) work. This  method is  using  coring where water  leak  area  as  deep  as  possible  in concrete  structure  wall/floor/ceiling  and  grout  waterproofing  material  inside  concrete  structure.   When grout  waterproofing  material,  this  material  must  fine  enough  in  its  cell  size  as  it  have  to  penetrate between  existing  concrete  structure  water  leaking  crack  and  sometimes  concrete  surface  wet  area  it’s  crack  can  be  smaller  than  micro  size.    And  underground concrete structure  leaking water contents concrete chemical,  so  this  grouting  waterproofing  material  should  not  react  against  this  concrete  leaking  content chemical  and  water  itself. If  waterproofing  material  can  chemical  react  against  water  itself  and  concrete  content  chemical,  we  consider  this  waterproofing  repair work fail  as  it  cannot  last  long  time  as 5years  10 years  sometimes  permanent seal.   On  market  underground structure  waterproofing  repair (remediation)  work,  mostly  have  a  few  critical  deface  as  follows; -
  • Grouting waterproofing  repair material  have chemical reaction with water; When  grout,  this  waterproofing material expand quickly  when meet with  water And  it  cause  this material  cannot go  inside  deep  enough  through  water  leaking  crack.  Sometimes  maximum  can  penetrate just 50~150mm  deep  inside  water  leaking  crack  not  whole  through  leaking  crack. And  many waterproofing material  react with  concrete,  and  melt  down and  leak  again  within short terms.
  • Grouting waterproofing repair material cannot penetrate wide area and cannot stay permanently inside water leaking concrete crack. This  grouting  material  stain  inside  micro concrete crack  long time (almost permanent)  is  most  important for  underground structure waterproofing  repair (remediation) work.   And  material’s  permeability  also  very  important  for  proper  remediation


  1. We, JEDA BGEL  grouting  work  is  designed  for  underground structure waterproofing  repair (remediation) work  and  we  most  welcome  underground waterproofing  repair  work  other  contractor  failed  work  and  who  wants  underground  waterproofing  repair  work  one time  and  last  permanent  without  continuous  repeat  repair



Key  Features

+ Successfully repairing failed waterproof repair jobs

+ Basement leak repairs

+ Foundation repairs

+ Tunnel leak repairs

+ Waterproof repair of underground structures

+ Pressure grout

+ 10-year Quality and Durability Warranty assurance


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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you fix a leaking basement from the inside?

Yes, since all waterproofing repair jobs for basement concrete surfaces must be performed from the inside. Our method utilises pressure grout.

How much does it cost to fix a leaking basement?

It depends on the thickness of the basement concrete as well as the size of the leaking area. Based on a concrete basement floor with a thickness of 600mm, we charge on a 1m x 1m size area basis. However, we are open to a per point charging basis if this is preferred. Please contact our office using the form on the right for further enquiries.

Can you waterproof an old basement?

Yes, we are capable of performing waterproofing repair works for old basement structures. In fact, we warmly welcome cases of repeated failures for waterproofing repair works. JEDA BGEL offers a 10-year Quality and Durability Warranty.   


Recommended Uses: 

+ Fixing failed waterproofing repair work

+ Waterproofing repair of underground concrete structures

+ Basement car park waterproofing repair

+ Leak repair for buildings and civil structure foundations

+ Tunnel floors, walls, ceiling

+ Bored pile foundation leak repair

+ Leak repair for building lift foundations

+ Basement floor and wall leak repairs

+ General waterproofing solutions for underground structures